FRIDAY 9:40 – 10:55pm

The river of soul music flows on deep and strong, and 25-year-old Leon Bridges is immersed in its life-giving current. “I’m not saying I can hold a candle to any soul musician from the ’50s and ’60s,” Bridges says, “but I want to carry the torch.”

Humility aside, Bridges’ light is burning bright. Following the October, 2014 release of two tunes that set the on-line world aflame, and accompanied by intimate solo shows from London to Los Angeles and Nashville to New York, the singer and songwriter has proved himself a rare talent who can do smoldering ballads and elemental rock’n’roll with equal aplomb. While he appears to have emerged cut from the cloth and fully formed, Bridges explains in his dulcet voice how he came to be here now.

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Intense demand to see the compelling singer/songwriter’s live show has been overwhelming since the release of his universally hailed, Grammy Award-nominated debut album Coming Home (available at, released via Columbia Records on June 23, 2015. The Coming Home deluxe edition features five never-before-released songs from the Coming Home sessions, including: “There She Goes,” “Daisy Mae,” “Mississippi Kisses,” “Here in My Arms,” and “Outta Line”.

Photo credit: Riley Ralmut