SATURDAY 3:40 – 4:25pm

Come on down to Jamtown. Donavon Frankenreiter is a pro-surfer turned bohemian rockstar, traveling the globe spreading the gospel of surfside blues-rock. G love is a hip-hop blues man from Philadelphia who rocks crowds around the world with his harmonica, acoustic guitar, and melodic flows about cold beverages and special sauces. Cisco Adler is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer who left the road as an artist to produce records that all have a sun-burnt sound, mixing influences of hip-hop, rock, reggae, and pop.

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One day, the three got together to make a Donavon and G Love collaborative album and something unexpected happened. The trio wrote 10 songs in as many days. They started singing harmonies and watched their voices blend into a beautiful 3-part sound that elevated the songs and gave their Coastal Americana spirit a classic CSN and Eagles esque quality. Like that…they formed Jamtown, named after a tune of the same name that speaks of a place where everyone leaves their problems behind, grabs an instrument, and jumps into the jam. Fueled by that spirit, the newly formed trio then called upon their talented friends to come on down. Cody Dickinson of NMA, Duane Betts of Dawes, Citizen Cope, Uli bella of Ozo, and more dove in to bless the music.

Jamtown will hit the road soon, joining dates with Jack Johnson this summer as well as other shows to be announced soon. “Look for an all-star line up of guest appearances anytime Jamtown comes to town,” said Frankenreiter.

The band is mixing and mastering the fruits of their magical 2 week labor now. Look for new music soon.